You are invited to the

Bonnie Wingham
Scottish Concert

Sunday 2nd June 2024
Wingham Presbyterian Church
32 Moon St, Wingham NSW 2429
2pm - 4pm

The Concert, which is run by the Festival, is a unique opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy the spectacular world of music and dance. Performers are all locals who excel in their respective field. It is a chance for all to experience music in its full glory.

For more information contact Jillian on (02) 6559 3605

Note the Change of Venue

Heather McLaughlin, Rudi Pertot and John Peters
Deidre Sutherland and Jodi Cooper
Terry Stanton
Ruth Crossman
George Hoad
Lucas and Caitlin Lyon
Alan Hughston
Wingsong Choir
Cameron Waugh
Students from Songlines Music Studio
Claire Murphy
Emcee: Sandy Dunn

Performers include: